Update: How to get your XP and Costume Coins back


We have an important update on the stat wipe issue! As of this morning we have validated that we are able to restore lost XP and Costume Coins to those who were affected by the ongoing bug. Starting this afternoon we will begin the process of reinstating lost progress directly to your Gotham City Impostors profile. This process is not fully automated yet, so please be patient while we begin working through the list of those who have posted their information on our forums.

Additionally, if you've been affected by this issue and have not yet done so, please send the following information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will begin looking into your profile as well:
Your platform:
Your primary email address:
Your WBID email:
Your Online ID/GamerTag:

Until we can update each platform with a patch, there's a chance that this issue might still occur. Please continue to post any problems you might be having with this bug in our forums and we will continue to work on restoring your XP and Costume Coins as quickly as possible.

You are the most important part of our game. We created Gotham City Impostors out of passion, with the hopes that it would entertain the online FPS community. As we work through the issues that prevent this in any way, we will continue to be completely open to your feedback to make sure Impostors is everything we know it can be. Expect more updates very soon.