Decorate your desktop, Impostors style! Part tres!


Look at that. Do you see it? It's your wallpaper, and it's absolutely dreadful. (That is, unless it's one of our previous Impostors wallpapers. If that's the case, then carry on.) We're here to help you puff some new life into your favorite electronic toy, and we're going to start by giving you some hot new pixels to look at during your daily routine.

It wasn't all that long ago that we put the power of choice in your hands and let you choose which Impostor in our gallery would make the best wallpaper. By unanimous decision, the handsome gent you see below this brick of text won, and now he's ready to bring your computer and phone wallpapers to the next level.

[1024x768] [1280x1024] [1680x1050] [1920x1200] [iPhone]