Decorate your desktop, Impostors style!


Not too long ago we asked you to head on over to our fourms and tell us exactly which Impostor you wanted to decorate the background of your computer and/or phone. You turned out in solid numbers and made your voices heard! Now, roughly two weeks after we first opened the polls, we've closed them down and are ready to release the first-ever Gotham City Impostors wallpaper.

So please, welcome the deadliest lady that will (likely) ever decorate your desktop, a Nimble member of the Jokerz:

[1024x768] [1280x1024] [1680x1050] [1920x1200] [iPhone]

So go forth! Decorate your phones and computers with her cunning features. And perhaps more importantly, keep your eyes on our forums for the next poll! The next Impostors wallpaper could very well be one of your choosing.