YouTube roundup! – 7/13/2012


You like videos. We like videos. And the Gotham City Impostors community makes videos. And not just any videos - great, funny, slightly manic videos. So we're going to rustle up some of the best videos we've seen this week from around the Tubes of You. This edition, we've got some sharp highlights from BuoyantPigeon, a fast video from MuddledMuppet, and an excellent montage from LILZINH0. Let's get started, shall we?

WARNING: There may be some NSFW language!

First up, is BuoyantPigeon's slicing and dicing Falcon Blade and Hatchet Highlights. He slices! He dices! He makes mincemeat out of the Jokerz.


Last but not least, there's this excellent montage of Impostors gameplay compiled by LILZINH0, featuring a veritable bat-shaped cornucopia of weapons and tactics for you to gorge on.

That's it for this time! We'll keep our YouEyes peeled for more YouTube goodness about all things Impostors. Happy Friday the 13th!