Play with the devs today! [PS3]


PlayStation 3 folks, now’s your chance to get your (virtual) hands on the (very real) developers of Gotham City Impostors! Today, from 1PM to 2PM PDT, we’re going to be livestreaming from the coveted MonolithDev PSN account. (Hint: You should totally send us a friend request!) Not able to join in on the fun? Worry not, because you can watch all the action right here.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had Impostors on the PS3 since the day it first released, you just grabbed it on sale, or you’re one of the coveted PlayStation Plus members that picked it up for the low, low price of free, we’re looking forward to teaming up with you, and slaying you like you’ve never been slayed. And, if you're wondering how this sort of thing typically goes, check out the session we had with the Xbox 360 folks a little while back!

Update: The stream is over! Thanks to everyone for coming out and playing with us.