Community Spotlight #9


Gotham City Impostors is a community of like-minded folks who prefer to bond by shooting each other in the face with a variety of ridiculous weapons. Every once in a while, we like to introduce you to one of the folks who play our game that you've been headshotting (or being headshot by), so you can know a little more about the people behind the calling cards.

Today's victim … er, featured community member, is Mathew Rego, alias batboy1983, a Gotham City Impostors wiki contributor and Army vet who loves to play Impostors when he's not working second shift at the textile mill. While he does moonlight as a creature straight out of a tabloid headline, he's also a darn nice guy who we were stoked to get to know better. So read on and get to know more about one of the coolest Impostors around.

So, you go by Batboy - what's the story with that? Are you a fan of those grocery tabloids, or what?
I'm not a fan of the tabloids but that is where my nickname comes from. One day a bunch of us were down by the beach and everyone but me and a friend would keep seeing the batboy creature. It would appear while we were gone. So on our way back to the neighborhood, I decided to use some majik and try to summon the creature to prove that all they saw where shadows. Well I guess I used the wrong herbs and plants and instead I became "Batboy." I don't really know what happened but all my friends say that my eyes changed and my ears and teeth became pointy. I would go on to attack them for a bit before regaining consciousness and the nickname has just kinda stuck with me for the past 13 years.

We always like to ask folks what their favorite game of all time is. What's your poison?
I wouldn't say I have a favorite game of all time, but my favorite game type is RPGs. Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy on the NES were the first of many games to bring me into this game genre. Just something about playing a game with things to collect, I just can't get enough. And now with GCI it's a different game style but with tons of things to collect.

Other than run amok ganking fellow Impostors, what do you do for fun?
Unfortunately I have the second shift curse. During the week there really ain't much time to do stuff so the weekends are like my catch up days. I'll either spend the day with my nephews, or catch up with some house work.

What's your favorite support item in Gotham City Impostors, and why?
As of right now I don't really have a favorite support item since every item has its uses under the right conditions, and I have yet had the chance to actually mess around with every item. As of right now I've been messing around with impact grenades trying to get my multi-kills up so I can actually master this item.

Everyone has a pro strategy that's their signature move. What's your favorite way to get the drop on an unsuspecting target?
I would say just to surprise them. All of my custom loadouts use the same body type but each one is set up differently. At first you may see me running around with, say, a Dawn Patrol/Witch Doctor combo, but then the next time you see me I'll have a Deep Freeze/Falcon Blade combo going in the same match.

We hear you're the wiki wizard - tell us, have you hidden any easter eggs in there?
Unfortunately, no I have not. I am just a regular contributor trying to fill out information for my fellow impostors to get the low-down on what they need to work out on to get certain items in game. Messing around on the wiki was my first experience with actually working on a wiki website and I've been learning lots of different things each day. I have been thinking of doing something new concerning the wiki but that is all I can say on that matter for now.

We still love our Batman sheets from when we were wee little Impostors. Have you been a fan of Batman for a while?
I've never have really been into comics but I've actually got into Batman at a young age watching the Batman/Superman Hour on Saturday mornings - back when there were great cartoons on. Adam West's Batman series also helped out but, it was when Batman: The Animated Series started to air that really got me into the Batman universe.

What's your favorite calling card? Motto?
As far as the motto it would be "Here is your first subject...................Go." Oh wait, you mean catchphrases in the game. Then it will be "Sometimes when you lose, you win!" I've been rocking that since I've unlocked it. Now with backgrounds (although I have yet to unlock it, unless I get real lucky with the 20 kill streak), it would be this one.

Anything else you wanna say?
I just want to give a shout out to Rev. Blacky, being one of the first persons on the forums that I got to know, Gryn, for creating the wiki that we all use, and AttnDefDis and FleshEpic for the helping hand on the wiki.