Very Important Impostor nomination time: Make yourself heard!


The time has come.

Very Important Impostors are members of an exclusive club. First, they're nominated by their fellow Impostors on our forums. You let us know who you think are the most stand-out and stand-up members 'round these parts, and then we here at Monolith discuss who's 100% worthy of the title. Then, after the vetting process is said and done, their handsome green titles are bestowed upon them.

Now it's time for that process to begin once again. You, the esteemed members of the Impostors community, are being called upon to let us know who you think is awesome. But not just awesome, really awesome! Those that have been a consistently helpful and friendly voice not only to you, but to others in need. Those that are regularly around to chat with you, and to set up games with you. Those that are worthy of becoming the newest Very Important Impostors.

Let us know who you think is worthy of the title right here in this thread. As the thread progresses, we'll keep your nominations up to date n the first post. The thread will close down in exactly one week, on 7/2/2012.

Make your voice heard!