YouTube roundup! – 6/20/2012


The YouTube community for Gotham City Impostors is incredible. It's filled with an incredibly diverse group of players from all over the world, making videos so awesome that we wish we'd thought of them! So, with that in mind, here’s a quick roundup of some of the great stuff we’ve seen on YouTube lately. Videos from GamingWithMack, A Bowl of Fruit, and VB are leading the charge this time around.

WARNING: There may be some NSFW language!

First up, GamingWithMack! (Or, as we know him, Mack The Gun.) Check out the third episode of Gotham City Impostors Top Plays.


Up next, (our favorite kind of fruit) A Bowl of Fruit put together an in-depth guide for the Witch Doctor! And, don’t be afraid to peruse his channel a bit more. His guides are top notch!


And, the handsome VB put together a guide showing off the most recent batch of Community Challenges! (The Week of Fumigation, for those of you that may have fallen slightly out of the loop.)


So, YouTubers, keep doing what you do best! We’re watching. A lot. (And not always at lunch time.) Of course, be sure to rate, comment, and subscribe to these fine folks’ channels if you saw anything you enjoyed.