This Week in Gotham - FINAL EDITION


We know final sounds, well, final ... but here's the deal: we'd rather give you news and updates about Impostors as they happen, not in some weekly digest. So we're blowing out this week as the last official This Week In Gotham, but don't get your Breezy Bats in a knot, because this is still the best place to find the Impostors news you need – now, just when you need it!

Challenging Challenges to Challenge You!
What’s that smell? Why, it’s an entire week of Fumigation challenges that we’ve dubbed “The Week of Fumigation!” (Read that in a loud, echo-y voice for best effect.) To sum up, it’s a week (seven days) filled with challenges (that are challenging) all centered around the Fumigation mode (the one with gas blasters). A week! What will you do with all that time? Can you get ‘em all? Consider the gauntlet thrown.

What’s not to love about a parrot-shooting madman on a knife rampage? Mack the (Parrot) Knife lives up to his name in this quick video which shall remain nameless … because he needs YOUR help to come up with a spiffy title. If you have a brilliant idea you want to squawk about, head over to this forum thread.

Anti-Anti-Social Networking
What’s blue and internet-y and has all sorts of info and lets you stay in touch with all the wholesome fun of Impostors? Trick question – both Facebook and Twitter fit the bill, so visit ‘em, love ‘em, and follow us on ‘em. You’ll be glad you did.

And with that, we’re signing off after this final edition of This Week In Gotham. Have an excellent weekend and keep those bullets flying!