This Week in Gotham – 6/8/2012


You may have noticed that we were relatively quiet this week. If so, quite an astute observation! A good chunk of us here at Monolith were down in smoggy Los Angeles, hanging out at E3 showing off our new game Guardians of Middle-earth. It was exciting, to be sure, but we’re very ready to catch-up with the world of Impostors. Onward, to This Week in Gotham!

A wild Community Challenge appears!
We know, we know. We said that we wouldn’t have any Community Challenges up for you this week. But, after we made our trip back to Seattle last night, we couldn’t sleep well knowing that you wouldn’t have any Community Challenges this week. So, we’ve got the Kitty Paint Job for the Buccaneer up for grabs through this Friday! 600 kills (with the Buccaneer, of course), and it’s all yours.

Gotham City Archives – Episode 6
Our good friend MorninAfterKill has been one busy bloke. Not only is he out in the streets of Gotham mopping up crime/creating chaos like a true Impostor should, but he’s also taking the time to make videos showing off brand new, exciting strategies! So, if you haven’t had a chance yet, check out the sixth installment of his (non-)award winning series, Gotham City Archives, right here.

Your feed, our Tweets
Don’t worry; we missed you this past week too! E3 is an effort that takes a village, but know that even when we’re gone we’ve got our eyes on our Facebook and Twitter pages. (That goes for the Monolith Productions Facebook and Twitter pages, too!) Check them out, give them a follow, and let us stay in touch with you.

That’s it for this week! We’ll see you here again next week, when there will undoubtedly be more awesomeness to cover. Have a great weekend!