This Week in Gotham - 6/1/2012


It's been an exciting week around here at Monolith Productions - we announced a new game (see below), and are gearing up for a trip down to sunny Los Angeles for E3. So before we fill up our suitcases with Vests of Vengeance and our favorite pair of Dojo Mojos, here's a quick look at what's been going down This Week in Gotham.

Did you hear that yours truly (Monolith Productions) has invented a new way to digitally gank other players? Hot off the presses is the announcement that Guardians of Middle-earth is coming to a console near you this fall so you can get your MOBA fix from the comfort of your couch (pizza delivery not included). And our sister studio NetherRealm has announced their newest game too - it's called Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Meow You're Talking!
Don't get your fur in a knot - we know you're impawtient to get your claws on the new Gatekeeper Kitty Paint Job, but there are plenty of other challenges this week to keep you purring. Check 'em all out here.

Akuzuma's Revenge 
Mack the Gun's video series Gotham City Masters is proving to be a gas - especially when Akuzuma's complete pwnage of the 25th Floor map in Fumigation is considered. If watching the carnage as 'Zuma flash-freezes and sashimis his foes into bento-shaped coffins. Don't forget to send your nominations for the next Master to Mack - the submission thread is here.

Your Momma Always Told You to Share
Listen to your mother. She knows that the best place to find Impostor-y news, updates, and other cool stuff is on Facebook and Twitter. We won't even make you eat those lima beans before desert.

And that's a wrap. Come find our fellow studio folks if you happen to be at E3, otherwise, we'll see you next week - same Bat-time, same Bat-place.