Introducing Monolith’s next game!


Greetings, Impostors! All of us here at Monolith Productions are supremely excited. Why? Well, it’s not because we’ve perfected our Shredder technique (which we have, by the way), but today we’re announcing our brand new game: Guardians of Middle-earth!

Guardians of Middle-earth is bringing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena gameplay to consoles through the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network this fall. A battle is raging in the rich world of Middle-earth, and you’ll get to team up with your friends (and fellow Impostors, if you so choose) in 5v5 competitive online play. These matches will rely on your Guardian’s unique skillset, as well as your ability to work as a team! Sound awesome? Good, because it is.

You can expect some more information to come very soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes on our official website right here. (And worry not, handsome forum Impostors, the Guardians forums will be up soon.)