This Week in Gotham - 5/25/2012


Have you seen this week? No? Well, it just flew by. (Rimshot.) Anyways, Friday snuck up on us like a nimble on rollerskates, and that means it’s time to wrap up a week’s worth of Impostors happenings with a little ditty we like to call “This Week in Gotham.” You don’t know the tune, but we’ll hum a few bars.

This Punk’s For You
Don’t be shocked, but the Steamy Punk pack is rapidly building up enough jet propulsion to hit all systems soon. It’s available on Xbox 360 everywhere, and it’s out on PS3 in North America and Europe. For PC, it’ll be coming very soon. We’ll keep you posted. Better get your goggles ready… you’re going to need ‘em.

Remember the Challenges-amo!
It’s Memorial Day Weekend here in the US of A, which is a fancy way of saying that BBQs and brewskis will break out all over this great land over the long weekend. Even though it’s not Memorial Day everywhere, we’re letting everyone get in on the fun by extending this week’s challenges a full day longer than usual. That’s right, you get 72 hours for the price of 48! We must be crazy to give you more time to rack up Costume Coins, XP, and the admiration of your friends, but we can’t help it: we like you that much.

Master Blaster
There are some really exceptional Impostors out there, able to fell flying mighties with well-placed hatchets, or rack up exceptional multikills with the Falcon Blade, or any number of other feats of impostor-eliminating prowess. We’re in awe of your skills, and so that’s why we want to point you to Pixel Enemy’s new series Gotham City Masters – and also to this thread on the forums, where Mack the Gun needs your help finding some new Masters to profile. Feel like you (or someone you know) has what it takes? Pipe up!

Social Tendencies
Face your face at our Facebook, or tweet your beak off on our Twitter – either way, you can join us to hear all about latest delicious Impostors fare.

And with that, we set sail for a full weekend of fun and headshots. Bon voyage!