This Week in Gotham - 5/18/2012


The Gotham you know and love (to shoot people in) just got a little bit punkier with the addition of the new Steamy Punk pack, which will quickly Jetpack it's way straight into your heart. While that's bound to get you electrified with excitement, there's a ton else to make you smile so much you'll pop your Stitches. Read on for more.

A Steaming Pile o' Punk
Hold onto your goggles, folks. The Steamy Punk pack has dropped out of the sky like a lead Zeppelin and clobbered Xbox 360 users right in their be-tophatted craniums. Don't worry if you're on PC or Playstation 3, as you'll be pointing a dinosaur-painted Witch Doctor at a Jetpack-equipped Impostor before you can say "cheerio!" OK, not literally that fast, but very soon. Stay tuned for more info.

Spring Chickens … er, Spring Challenges!
Why did the Spring Challenges cross the road? To get to the other side, of course. Stop laughing at that joke long enough to take a peek at this week's amazeballz challenges, including such crowd-pleasers as "Sunny, with a Chance of Swordfish."

Three NASTY Plays
There's only one thing better than a swift kick in the pants, and that's watching some exceptionally nasty Impostors clips selected by Cnasty006. A hatchet sent flying at a flying face always brightens up our day. Watch Nasty's superb selections here.

You Had Me At Tweetbook
A little bird told our face that the best way to stay up on all things Impostors is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. News, news, announcements, and more news - it's all there for your viewing enjoyment.

That's all, lovelies! We're off to twirl our mustaches sinisterly and electrocute some camping fools. Have an excellent weekend!