Introducing, the Steamy Punk Pack!


Are you tired of being terrorized by gangs camping health stations? Are you a fed up with your inability to shoot while flying? Do you wish you had just one more handsome little Mascot to complete your dashing look? Well, look no further – introducing the Steamy Punk Pack for Gotham City Impostors!

The following is available right now on the Xbox 360, and is coming soon for the PC and PlayStation 3:

  • NEW WEAPON: The Witch Doctor! This bad boy is your perfect companion for clearing out those pesky campers. You'll love the hoodoo that he do!
  • NEW GADGET: The Jetpack! Fly high into the sky, and fire off your sexiest weapons while airborne.
  • NEW COSTUME: Steampunk! Tighten up those belts, other belts, and those other other belts - it’s time to up Gotham City's "dashing" quota.
  • NEW FUN FACT: Well Grounded! Apply this new Fun Fact to slot #2 and you’ll be tougher to push around, while improving your own ability to push others! Additionally, you’ll take less electrical damage. (Because you’re ‘well grounded’. Get it?)
  • NEW PAINT JOB: Dinosaurs! Plaster these prehistoric creatures all over your trusty sidearms, and show the world that you’re friendly to both herbivores and carnivores.
  • NEW VOICE: Steampunk! Get ready to tell-off your olde Victorian masters with this voice, uttered only by those covered in gears and belts. (And more more belts.)
  • NEW MASCOT: Stitches! This cute little guy is bound to hypnotize you… with his good looks, and nothing else.

Enjoy the Steamy Punk Pack, good people of Gotham! (And remember, Jetpack fuel is only fatal if you drink a full tablespoon.)