Information on early content release!


Greetings, Gotham City Impostors community! As you may have noticed, we launched some new content for the PlayStation 3 in North America this morning. If this caught you off guard, don't worry. It caught us off guard too! We wanted to let you know what's going on right now, and what you can expect going forward.

First off, know that we'd planned to launch the Rodeo Pirate Pack for the PS3 in North America today (with it arriving tomorrow in other territories). However, the free update that was scheduled to launch after The Rodeo Pirate Pack's arrival was already in the submission process, and ended up releasing earlier than we had expected. So, to that end, PS3 folks - enjoy it! There's a new map, along with some additional bug fixes included in this download. European PS3 players, this download is coming very soon for you as well! (We'll give you a date the second we've got one available.) As for the Rodeo Pirate Pack on the PS3, we'll let you know once we have all the details regarding what's going on with it. But, know that we're still planning for it to release very soon.

For those of you on the Xbox 360, know that we're now planning on pushing this very same update to you next week, on Wednesday, May 16th. (Don't worry, it'll be free!) For those of you on the PC, know that it's coming soon as well, and our goal is to launch your content as soon as possible.

So, sorry about the mix-up. Please, since this released early understand that there might be some bugs and other issues. Should you experience anything undesirable, don't hesitate to post about them in the Support and Feedback section of our forums. We'll be there waiting to help as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your time, and sorry about any confusion.