This Week in Gotham - 5/4/2012


Now that the Rodeo Pirate Pack is almost out on all platforms, Gotham is something of a running riot with parrot projectiles and 10-gallon hats, and we're happier than pirate pigs in a poke. (If those pigs had conches.) A lot of you have racked up the Community Calling Card this time around, which is great to see! Keep it up, there's more challenges coming at you like a divebombing mighty.

Shine a Light on Me
Did you miss the over-the-top Community Spotlight with the legendary redhamuSLA? Don't feel too bad, we're here to remind you to read the interview (learn all about Japanese emoticons!) and watch the video that he made (learn all about hilarious caption cards!). The spotlight will leave you with a burning question: "redhamuSLA … are you a wizard?"

Help Us Help You
Connection issues? Total bummer, dudes and dudettes. We need to figure out where to send the crack team of internet ninjas to plaster those problems with parrots, and so we need your help. If you're having connection issues, hop over to this reporting thread and let us know. Please provide as much information as you can, so the ninjas don't get lost.

Get Nimble-y in the Archives
Want to know how to build a killer wheeled nimble? Well dust off your trusty mouse-clicking index finger and click over to Machinima Respawn's Gotham City Archives Episode 1! MorninAfterKill discusses how to make a skinny impostor on rollerskates into a lean, mean fightin' implement of total annihilation.

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like News
We put Facebook and Twitter on Facebook and Twitter so you can get news while you watch videos of baby penguins yawning. (Or something.) So make sure you are following us to stay in the know about all the latest Gotham City Impostors news. Now you may return to your previously scheduled program about yawning llamas.

That was so much good stuff, we're all tuckered out. While we curl up next to our TVs and nap in the glow of our completed Community Challenges, you be sure to have an excellent weekend.