Major Announcement, Part Deux!


Good, you’re here. While we thought it’d be best to let your brains reconstruct after the mindblowingly awesome FREE update information, now it’s time for you to get another colossal dose of awesomeness. Today, on April 24th, we’re very pleased to officially announce the Rodeo Pirate Pack for Gotham City Impostors!

The following will be available on April 25th for Xbox 360, and it’s coming soon for the PC and PlayStation 3:

  • NEW WEAPON: The Boarding Party! A blunderbuss that fires scalp-seeking parrots. Once these parrots land on a foe they deal periodic damage and block their victim’s vision!
  • NEW SUPPORT ITEM: The Conch! This powerful shell will foretell the end of your enemies, as one blast from its powerful bowels will interrupt any active gadget, push enemies back to give you breathing room, and even do a little bit of damage.
  • NEW FUN FACT: Rummy! This new Fun Fact will fill your #2 slot, and prevents you from being frozen, blocks parrot attacks, and stops conch stuns. (Oh, and it’ll also protect you from cold damage.)
  • NEW COSTUMES: The Rodeo and Pirate Costumes are yours to adorn your Impostor with. Show the world your inner scurvy dog, or rodeo clown!
  • NEW VOICE: The Pirate voice is up for grabs! Use your new found knowledge of the high seas to berate all those that stand against you, and your swashbuckling ways.
  • NEW PAINT JOB: The Pizza Paint Job is here for you to slather all over your favorite (and non-favorite) weapons! Give your foes a hot slice of death with this fresh new look.

Go forth, and mark thy calendars. Because you’ve got days off to request!