Play with the devs (today!)


It’s time. It’s time for you to put your skills in Gotham City Impostors to the test. Sure, you may think you’ve got the itchiest trigger finger, the most nimble battery attaching hands, or the most scrumtrulescent Glider Rig skills anyone has ever seen, but now’s your chance to find out if your skills can measure up to those of the developers.

Today from 3PM to 4PM PDT, our developers are going to be playing with you, the community. We’ll be streaming it right here, and we’ll be playing from the coveted OfficeBat Xbox LIVE account. Want to play with us? Then send us a friend request! We’ll continue to cycle people out, and create parties, as often as we humanly can.

And, if you’re not able to attend, don’t you worry about a thing. We’ll be doing these streaming showdowns regularly from here on out, and we’ll have the recorded sessions up for all to see. (You know, so you can study our moves!)

So what are you waiting for? Stretch those hammies, apply a sweatband to your forehead, and get a huge jug of water ready – because you’re about to get an hour of power straight from us here at Monolith Productions.

Update - Watch a recording of all the action, right here: