This Week in Gotham – 4/6/2012


Goodness, is it Friday already? Well, if you’re over in Boston for PAX East, make sure to have a fun weekend. If you’re not, log in and get ready for an outstanding lineup of Community Challenges! Now, onward to this week’s wrap-up!

PAX East(er) Community Challenges
If you’re not going to be at PAX East this weekend (like us), then get ready for an awesome batch of Community Challenges! Not only is there a Snowflakes Paint Job up for grabs, but there’s also an exclusive Calling Card! Find out more information right here.

Community Spotlight: OhMalley
You know who OhMalley is. You may not know that you know, but trust us – you know. His tremendous amount of work on the wiki, as well as his co-hosting duties on the Impostor Radio podcast are just a couple of his accolades, and now’s your opportunity to learn more. Check out the latest Community Spotlight right here, and read up on a man that you should know more about!

From the frontlines!
While Impostors won’t officially be at PAX East this weekend, we have deployed some underground agents to cover the excitement from the frontlines. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates, as they happen!

That’s it for this week! We hope you all have a fun, safe, productive weekend. And remember, cash in on those Community Challenges! (We know we will.)