PC: Patch 1.5 is now live!


PC Impostors, we launched a patch today for Gotham City Impostors that contains the following:

Patch 1.5:
• Implemented an FOV slider in the 'Help & Options' menu
• Improvements to profile data storage and retrieval to help prevent data loss
• Various fixes for infrequent and common crashes
• Fix for an issue where party members take upwards of a minute to be pulled into the party hosts game if the host joins in progress
• Added latency thresholds for improved matchmaking

When you start up Steam, or Gotham City Impostors, the patch will be downloaded and applied automatically. So, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is getting ready to enjoy the new field-of-view slider! (Among other awesome improvements, of course.) For more information, please check out the Update and Patch Status thread in our forums.

Thank you again for all your feedback, PC players. See you in Gotham!