This Week in Gotham - 3/16/2012


Welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gotham! If it seems like we're excited, it's because we are. The DLC is here for every platform, and that's cause for celebration! But, that celebration is going to have to wait, because we've got a wrap-up to wrap-up.

DLC is here for all platforms
The first DLC has arrived on all platforms, including the PS3! That means that the 25th Floor map, Falcon Blade and Kingmaker weapons, Toxic Gas Support Item and Nimble Fingers Fun Fact, and much more are available to anyone that games on the PC, PS3, or Xbox 360. How do you get this DLC? Simple, just start up Impostors and it'll download and install automatically! It's that easy.

Challenges, Challenges, Challenges!
Over the next few days we've got some outstanding Community Challenges that you're going to want to check out - including one that will let you get the Snowflakes Paint Job for your Gatekeeper! Want to know how to get this, and other amazing rewards? Check out all the information, right here.

Socializing the Social Medias
There's been an awful lot of awesomeness happening in the world of Impostors lately, and it might be difficult to keep up. So, why not do yourself a favor? Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, where we post updates as often as we possibly can! It'll be worth your time, promise.

That's it for this week! Make sure to go out and take advantage of all the latest Community Challenges, and have a safe weekend.