This Week in Gotham - 3/9/2012


This week? Yeah, you could say that this week was pretty awesome. Sure, there's a slew of new Community Challenges. And yeah, the DLC released on the PC. But, what else happened? Well, sit down, buckle up, and let us tell you in this week's wrap-up!

PC gamers - the DLC has arrived!
If you're a PC player, we've got some great news for you - the DLC has arrived! Start up Steam, or Gotham City Impostors, and the update will automatically download and install. Seriously, it's that easy! Go forth and enjoy the 25th Floor, Kingmaker, Falcon Blade, and so much more. (PS3 players, your time is coming soon. Be sure to keep an eye on this thread for the latest updates!)

Join us on Steam, won't you?
We recently started up an official Steam group for Gotham City Impostors! Out there we'll be keeping you up to date with all of the latest events, Community Challenges, and PC-related news. Join the group right here, and just let us do the heavy lifting, won't you?

Community Q&A #5
You're a curious bunch. Questions are something you've got a surplus of, and we want to do everything in our power to make sure that we can satisfy your curiosity. That's why we recently harvested the very best questions from our most recent Community Q&A thread, and passed them over to Senior Associate Producer Lucas Myers! Find out what you asked, and what he had to say, right here.

Community Challenges, ahoy!
If you're looking for some handsome rewards, our Community Challenges are just what you're looking for. From the main menu in Impostors, navigate to 'Track Record', then to 'Feats of Prowess', and then 'Community'. We'll constantly have new challenges running there!

Paint Jobs - chosen by you!
We're all about you giving as much choice as we possibly can. Whether it's in-game, or what goes into the game, we want you to have exactly what you want! That's why earlier this week we let you vote on which weapon skins you wanted to see in Gotham City Impostors. After a fierce round of voting, the Rainbows and Dinosaurs Paint Jobs came in first and second place (respectively). And, since we didn't have the heart to make the dinosaurs go extinct again, we decided to do both.

That's it for this week! As always, be sure to keep an eye on our forums, Facebook, and Twitter pages for all of the latest information. Remember, go take advantage of those Community Challenges!