Community Spotlight #6


Gotham City Impostors has attracted a variety of different fans. Those that like to interact on our forums, those that like to chat with us on Twitter, and even those that like to spend their time checking in with us on Facebook. But, one group of fans that has been growing exponentially are those that call YouTube their home.

Commentaries and gameplay videos have become a big part of the Impostors ecosystem, but it all started with two gentlemen: jeepguy934 and FatPaulieHD. They've long had a presence talking about Gotham City Impostors from behind their microphone, and they've long had a place in our hearts. That's why it's our distinct pleasure to welcome jeepguy934 (also known as Jason), and Ireland's own FatPaulieHD (who you can call Paul) to the center of the Community Spotlight.

So, Jason. You're Jeepguy934, the Southern Gamer! Tell us a bit about yourself, won't you?
What's up, y'all? My name is Jason, but YouTube chooses to recognize me as Jeepguy. I am a southern gamer who started back when I could walk, and started doing commentaries about two years ago. I've been loving it ever since! When playing Impostors I really love to listen to music, and I love to chat online. (Most of the time I just rock out to instrumentals.) I love to hunt, fish, and have bonfires on the weekends - I'm just an average everyday southern gamer.

And Paul! (Or, should we say, FatPaulieHD?) Nice of you to join us too. Now that Jason has his introduction out of the way, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself as well?
Well, my name is Paul (as you may know), I'm from Ireland which means that I can't pronounce anything right, or without somebody laughing at me, and I have had a beautiful girlfriend for the past four years now. I'm in college studying Computer Science, I've been producing videogame content for the past five years, and I hope to go into a career in production.

And the two of you! You're both all-star commentators on YouTube, and you create a lot of great content for Pixel Enemy. What is Pixel Enemy? Can you give us a little background on it?
Pixel Enemy was started a few years back by a couple of gents named Mark Remo and Jay Blings, and they had no idea it was going to get this big! Since there are a bunch of us producers making content for the channel, they essentially just let the ball roll. It's now a big gaming network on YouTube that posts all sorts of gaming-related content like reviews, commentaries, news, trailers, and so on. There's a lot of content producers on Pixel Enemy - actually, there's too many to count! But, luckily all of the content that goes up is grade A stuff.
Being a director on Pixel Enemy is amazing. They're such a great group of guys, but they really let us post a lot of Impostors gameplay on their channel. And if you're looking for more info, just reread what Paulie had to say. :)

So Paul, word is that you're a big fan of old school games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Counter-Strike 1.6. Care to tell us a bit more about your all-time favorite games? And, as long as we're on the topic, Jason, why don't you tell us about your favorites as well!
Whenever I get asked about my all-time favorite games I get very flustered, because so many good memories come back to me. I can't choose them all, so let's get to it: Sonic the Hedgehog was, and still is, my hero. My real competitive gaming habits properly started with Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike 1.6 so they will always be in my heart. My favorite games at the moment through are Battlefield 3 and, of course, Gotham City Impostors.
As far as my favorites, I have to agree with Paulie for the most part! But, I remember the day I got the Sega Genesis for my birthday, and many nerdgasms happened. Also, I love games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mario Kart 64, Battlefield, GoldenEye, and much more.

It's clear that doing YouTube commentaries is a pretty big deal to the both of you. How come?
The reason that I started creating commentaries is because a couple of my friends told me that I should post some gameplay, and from that moment on commentaries have just been something that I do! I think I'll continue to do them because I will never stop gaming, and I just can't stop doing the videos.
Well, I've been doing commentaries for the past five years, and I've always found it very enjoyable and fun. It's probably one of the best hobbies I've got, as I'm learning something new every time I do a video and I get to go abroad to conventions and meet developers! (Which is crazy to me, since I just make a few videos.) Also, getting feedback off the viewers is a great feeling, because they are there for you, which is kind of creepy, but kind of cool.

What first drew you to the world of Gotham City Impostors?
I'm just so happy to come across a community and developers that are so creative (and pretty dang cool). The reason I fell in love with this game is because of the game itself! Then, shortly after, I realized that the community was full of such fast, responsive, awesome people. Then developers have done an amazing job as well, even the janitor. (Thanks bro!)
I first saw a trailer on Pixel Enemy and I was thinking, "wow, I've never seen a game doing something like this - I've got to see what this is all about." Then I got into the beta, and all hell broke loose, and I had a lot of fun!

Jason, you've been hanging out on the forums quite a bit! (And Paul is just getting started. Oh, what an exciting time in a young man's life!) Tell us, what do you think about the forum community, and what would you tell people that are looking to join in on the discussion?
I love the community here and would love to be a part of it. A huge shout out to Rev.Blacky, Jordieeb, NinjaMortis, and so many more - these guys have helped keep everyone so informed on the forum. Everyone there rocks!
I've posted twice so far, and everybody hopped into the conversation as soon as I posted. They were all being very nice and jolly, which I have never seen another game's community do. Don't be afraid, people are just here to talk and have fun. So join in on the fun!

Alrighty, we're going to give you each your own last word! Is there anything awesome about you that we forgot to ask you about earlier?
Well, in closing, I just want to say thank you to everyone for giving Paulie and I the opportunity to be involved with this great community. And if you have any video requests, let me know gurls! Love y'all.
Thanks for having me on here. I hope to see you all in Gotham!

Thanks for your time, gentlemen! We do appreciate both of you taking the time to chat with us, and we both look forward to seeing more of your videos. (And, of course, to see you in Gotham.)

If you're interested in their work, check out their respective channels today: