Happy Leap Year!


A Leap Year is a magical thing. These extra 24 hours that have been tacked onto the Gregorian calendar give us time to do things we wouldn't normally have time to do. Such as spend time with family, learn how to play the piano, or just give your car an oil change! And sure, those are fun for most people… but we say "boo!" to all that. You know why? Because we've got a fresh batch of Community Challenges lined up for you on this special day!

So, lace up your jumping shoes, and get ready for some Leap Day action. Because, until tonight at 11:59PM PST you can cash in on the following Community Challenges:

  • With every 4 years comes a magical day, and with every 4 matches you play you'll get 15 Costume Coins.
  • In celebration of the 29th day of February, we're going to give you a bonus 125 XP for every 29 enemies you slay in cold blood!
  • What would a leap year be without leaping? Jump 200 times and we'll give you 100 Costume Coins! (And don't worry, you can only do this one once. We don't want to wear out those pretty thumbs of yours.)
So, what are you waiting for? Lock your door, prepare a special Leap Day feast of ramen noodles, and get ready to rack up some sweet, sweet bonus XP and Costume Coins.