This Week in Gotham - 2/24/2012


If you thought Gotham City was in disarray before, you haven't seen anything yet. The release of our first DLC is here, and it's just waiting for you! But, we'll get to that a more in just a bit. Right now it's time to move onto the weekly wrap-up.

Impostors rockin' the charts on XBLA!
If you're a fan of Major Nelson (and really, who isn't?) then there's a good chance that you're familiar with his weekly activity reports. This week's is one that caught our eye, because Gotham City Impostors is at the top of the Top Arcade Titles chart! Feel free to check the whole thing out right here.

DLC is here for Xbox, PS3 and PC coming soon!
The release of the first DLC for Impostors has arrived! It's here right now on Xbox 360, and the PC and PS3 versions will be arriving very soon. This update has the new 25th Floor map, the Kingmaker and Falcon Blade weapons, the Toxic Gas Support Item, Nimble Fingers Fun Fact, and various matchmaking fixes! (Oh, and it's free.) Check out all the details right here.

Honesty is key
If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that transparency is a good thing. You deserve to be kept in the know, especially when we've got information on patches and updates that directly affect you! That's why we recently put together the Update and Patch Status thread. Go check it out, and keep an eye on us. (Oh, and for additional updates, feel free to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.)

We're restoring XP and Costume Coins!
XP and Costume Coins are currently in the process of being restored to those that were affected by the stat loss issue. This is a process that's going to happen in waves, so not everyone will get their stuff returned back at once, but know that it's under way. For more information check out the full write-up here.

Community Challenges have begun!
The Community Challenges have arrived! There's a whopping seven of them up and running right now, and they're presenting you plenty of opportunities to rack up a multitude of Costume Coins. Read more about them right here!

That's it for this week. For those of you that game on the Xbox 360, go and bring your katanas to gun fights! To those of you on the PC and PS3, know that your time is coming very soon.