Community Challenges: The beginning!


You? Yeah, you're pretty awesome. But just how awesome are you? So awesome that we want to reward you with a week filled with extra XP and Costume Coins!

This weekend we're running our very first Community Challenges. Just what's going on, and how do you participate? Well, here's the skinny:

  • To find the Community Challenges, go to your Track Record on the main menu, then navigate down to Feats of Prowess, and then  Community.
  • These challenges expire on Sunday, February 26 at 11:59PM PST.
  • If you slay 50 opponents you'll be rewarded with a whopping  1,250XP and 25 Costume Coins!
  • If you play 20 games of Impostors you'll pull down a cool 50 Costume Coins!

And, because we're feeling extra generous, we've even added these additional challenges. Why? Because we know you want more Costume Coins, and we want you to customize your Impostors to your heart's content! These challenges will expire on Wednesday, February 29 at 11:59PM PST.

  • Ride the highway to handsome! For every match you play you'll get a bonus 15 Costume Coins.
  • Go kill crazy! Every 50 kills you get you'll get a whopping 100 Costume Coins!
  • For every 50 times you die you'll snag 25 (consolation) Costume Coins.
  • Each time you win 5 games you'll get 20 Costume Coins. High five!
  • For every 5 games lost, you'll get 20 Costume Coins. Low five!

Now, go play! These challenges are live right now, and waiting for you. (Oh, and don't worry about Costume Coins being called Funny Monies. That's just what we call them when nobody's looking… except for you, obviously.)

We're all really looking forward to your participation, and hope you have a good time with these! This is only the beginning, so look forward to bigger and badder challenges and prizes in the future. (That may or may not mean some seasonally-themed weapon camouflage.)