The next chapter of Impostors, yours for free!


Thank you. Thank you for the valuable feedback you gave us during the beta. Thank you for your time chatting with us on our forums, Twitter, and Facebook. And most of all, thank you for your support. Now, what say we get down to thanking you the way that you deserve to be thanked - with free stuff!

But, first things first - know that the game has launched with the assistance of an army of new dedicated servers to drastically reduce latency issues. Along with that we’ve slightly decreased the Thunder Dragon’s damage to put it on a more even playing field, fixed the quick-scope exploit, made other weapon balance tweaks and even spent some additional time optimizing maps to help with some framerate issues. (Oh, and we added some more Calling Card unlocks at the early levels. So, enjoy those!)

But we’re not stopping with that. In March we’re going to release our very first DLC for the low, low price of FREE. Just what’s in store for the first Gotham City Impostors DLC? Let us tell you!

  • A BRAND NEW MAP: The 25th Floor of the Gotham Times building is about to be your playground for destruction! (Just make sure not to fall of the edge.)
  • JOIN-IN-PROGRESS: Players can now join a match, even after it has started!
  • MATCHMAKING FIXES: There have been numerous additional fixes to resolve nasty potential connection errors! Stability is something we strive for, and is always being improved.
  • NEW WEAPONS: The Falcon Blade (a bullet-blocking katana worthy of warfare in Gotham) and the Kingmaker (a quick-draw pistol that can humble even the mightiest of Mighties) are available for you to unlock!
  • A NEW SUPPORT ITEM: Toxic Gas! Leave a cloud of nigh-invisible noxious vapors in your wake, that will impair and damage those foolish enough to follow you.
  • A MULTITUDE OF NEW COSTUME CHOICES: In addition to the myriad of costume items already available, we’re letting you dress up like a luchador, a corporate schlub gone mad, and so much more!
  • NEW FUN FACT: The new Nimble Fingers Fun Fact will let you capture Gasblasters faster, and attach/detach batters quicker. The team’s clutch player? Yeah, that’s you.

Gotham City Impostors is a living, breathing game. We’re here to support you. So go ahead and enjoy this first pack of excitement on us.

See you in Gotham!