This Week in Gotham - 2/3/2012



Did you hear that? Some of the high-fives going around the office have been so epic, we're sure if you listened closely you could probably hear them. It sounds like a room full of mousetraps going off - except it's the whole studio. That's because Gotham City Impostors is almost here! (Hopefully our high-fiving hands won't be too sore to play, come next week)

Is your itchy trigger finger itching to pull the trigger on Gotham City Impostors? Well start scratching, because you'll be itchier than a forest of poison ivy come February 7th (PlayStation Network in the Americas; PC worldwide) and February 8th (PlayStation Network everywhere else; Xbox LIVE everywhere). Just don't scratch too much, or you'll get a rash. Check out the full story here!

Interview with a Weapon Designer
The story behind the process of designing the bonkers weapons in Impostors is anything but straightforward. But really, considering that some of them fire soda bottles full of explosives, are you surprised? If you haven't had a chance to read the colorful interview with the Impostors weapon dev team, check it out right here. You (probably won't) regret it.

Decorate your desktop
While snuggling puppies and mountain sunsets are perfectly fine wallpapers for boring people, we say good taste is overrated. So throw common sense out the window and download one of our snazzy Impostors wallpapers, featuring a costumed crusader willing to defend your honor when you suddenly have to minimize all your windows out of embarrassment. There are three available, so jump over here to see the latest one and get links to download the others.

Keeping the information fresh!
If Impostors news and exclusive info is what you crave, we have a food-coma inducing amount of stuff on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure you're following both for the maximum Impostors experience!

That does it for this week. Just think - in a few days you'll be able to play Impostors in all its glory! We understand if that makes you want to high-five somebody. (Just do it. You'll feel better.)