Community Spotlight #5


Okay, we know what you're thinking. "Wait a minute; didn't we just have one of these Community Spotlights? And wasn't it focused on the person that, you know, won the vote?"

Yes, that's true. But you know what? NinjaMortis, while awesome, did only win by one vote. Not to discount how awesome that was, but we felt like we'd be cheating the world if we didn't introduce you to the handsome man that is our very own crymzen. (Or, Craig as we've come to know him.)

Craigory is a man that has more interests than you can shake a stick at, and is our very first Community Spotlightee outside of the United States. (That makes him special!) So, without further delay, let us introduce you to the man that almost missed out on his 15 minutes of awesome, here on our cozy website.

It's great to see you here, crymzen! Or should we call you Craig now? We're going to go with Craig. So, go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself.
HULLOHS! And thank you for letting me be a part of this spotlight! You can call me Craig if you wish, or crymzen, or even Fantastical Space Monkey. I'm 24, I live in the UK with my girlfriend and our cat, I'm into all sorts of fantastical things like… games, games, games, games, music, movies, TV, and anime. Oh! And games… did I mention games? I work from home, which is awesome since I get to spend my lunch playing games, or spending time talking to other Impostors over on the forums.

You've become something of a paragon in the Gotham City Impostors community, and pretty quickly! Can you tell us a bit about your meteoric rise to rad-i-tude?
To be honest, if it wasn't for the community itself I wouldn't have gotten so far within it. From the second I started posting everyone made me feel so comfortable and welcome, and that opened the door for me to just go crazy and help anyone I could find! I still remember one of my first posts… it was joining in with Rev.Blacky banging our heads against the desks from all the constant Arkham City code questions.

So it's clear that you're a gamer, through and through. What are your favorite video games?
A gamer I am! I do have a list of my favorite games, but I will only mention the top spot, and that is Final Fantasy X. I had always been a huge Final Fantasy fan, and when X hit I just couldn't believe what was happening. It was a true transition point in the franchise, moving away from the isometric view and predetermined camera angles, and shifting into voice acting instead of just text. And the graphics were unbelievable! But, even with all of those changes it still stuck true to its base gameplay. Keeping the things that worked while adding in some new stuff, and the story blew my friggin' mind.

Anime is pretty darn cool, don't you agree? Tell us about your favorites.
I agree 100%! My favorite of all-time has to be Ruroni Kenshin and the Samurai X OVA's. In the main series Rurouni Kenshin you view the story of a young man named Kenshin Himura who was once a legendary man-slayer. He's lived his life as a wanderer for years, but finally starts to settle down and find his place within the world. It's impressive to me, because the series has a lot to do with people Kenshin knew in the past, but they introduce them without revealing a huge amount of his past. It's hard to do that while keeping people interested. Samurai X deals with his past, but with more depth. In my opinion though, you wouldn't appreciate it as much without having watched the original series first.

We couldn't help but notice that you've got a pet cat! We want to know its name, and we want to know why it's one of the cutest animals on the face of the earth.
His name is Monty, and he's a black and white American shorthair. I think what makes them cute is because they are so stupid, and yet so intelligent! They do things they know will end in disaster, but when you watch them do it, it looks like they have no clue what they're doing or what's going to happen. They are very curious animals and… well, curiosity killed the cat. Hi, my name's 'curiosity'! MWUHAHAHAH!

You're the first person outside of the United States that has made their way into our Community Spotlight! First off, congratulations. Secondly, how does it feel to be our international connection?
It feels AWESOME! It's unexpected for sure. I was just happy that I got a chance of getting in. It was a close race between NinjaMortis and I. (I lost by one vote!) But BAM! Here I am. NinjaMortis deserved to win though; he's been helpful and is a real joy to talk to.

What's your favorite part about Gotham City Impostors so far?
My favorite parts so far are the gadgets! Glider Rig, Rollerskates, Spring Shoes… it's all just pure awesome. There is nothing more satisfying than using your Spring Shoes to jump off a rooftop and take out the guy on the other side while you land on another guy's head and shout, "DO THE MARIO!" It's just awesome.

If you were put on the spot (we're putting you on the spot), what recommendations would you have for folks looking to join into our glorious community? And what promises can you make them, personally?
I would say join because the community is awesome. We have real standout members like Gryn, who is just awesome. I talk to him on Steam from time to time. Then you have Brash_Attack and Rev.Blacky, funny and friendly guys they are. recespieces31 will constantly offer you pie, and NinjaMortis… well, NinjaMortis is just NinjaMortis! Full of awesomesauce.

We're going to give you the last word! Did we miss out on anything that you want to tell us about? Like, who broke that vase in the dining room? Or, something else. It's okay, no pressure.
Oh, the vase? I was, uhh… sworn to secrecy but it was NinjaMortis! I swear, he was running around the dining room trying to catch a fly with his chopsticks, climbing all over the tables and stuff when he went and knocked the vase over! Me, being the hero that I am, proceeded to do an epic and intense slow-mo dive in order to catch it before it hit the floor. I was almost there when NinjaMortis took out his katana and chopped my hands off. I am now typing with my replacement hands, which are the previously mentioned chopsticks.

Wow, that all sounds… very intense! But, we're glad to hear that you at least tried to salvage the vase. Either way, thank you for spending time with us here in the Community Spotlight. It was our pleasure chatting with you, and we're sure that we'll see you an awful lot more in our very own forums.

Until next time, we'll be keeping an eye out for those of you that claim your middle name is "Awesome." And, well, really anyone else that we think is awesome. Let's be honest, there are an awful lot of you!