This Week in Gotham - 1/13/2012


Why, hello there! Back for another gripping tale of costumed mayhem? Gather round the warm glow of your monitor and harken to this week's manic Gotham City action.

Answers from the Hammer
In addition to being wildly handsome, Monolith Producer Lucas "Hammer" Myers also has the power of speech, which he used to answer some of your questions about Impostors. For the low-down-n-dirty on stuff you want to know about, like single-player "Challenge" mode, you'll just have to read the article.

We Are Impostors Loadout Builder
Who doesn't love customization? Nobody, that's who. If you find yourself with an uncontrollable urge to start constructing the best Impostors loadouts you can conceive of, you'll be beside yourself to find out that the wonderful folks at WeAreImpostors.com have created an awesome loadout builder. It's pretty slick, so take a gander.

The Scoop
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And that's a wrap for This Week in Gotham. But don't despair, Next Week in Gotham is just around the bend, and there's a weekend to enjoy in between. See you all on Monday!