Community Spotlight #4


Our Community Spotlight is a prime piece of web real estate. It allows us to call out an individual that has established their presence in our community by being a regular voice in our forums, helping out those that might be lost or confused (sometimes, even before our moderators can), and embodying everything that makes our community great.

This time around the focus of our spotlight is on a unique individual. This person's eligibility was put up to a public vote in our forums. And, after several weeks of cutthroat competition and lobbying, the illustrious NinjaMortis came out on top. So, what say we sit down, cozy up, and get to know NinjaMortis a bit better? Or, as we now know him, Jason.

Well hello there, Jason! Can you go ahead and tell everyone a little bit about yourself?
Well, as you might have guessed I'm not a zombie as my profile suggests. Though I have been known to practice ninjitsu from time to time - *CHOP!* All that aside, my name is Jason, I'm a 32-year-old aspiring musician from Texas, and when I'm not working I spend most of my time writing music and playing games with my wife Sarah. (We just got married last year!) She is also a singer/gamer, and she plays a mean game of Wii Sports Bowling. I can't beat her for the life of me! In fact, I once watched her bowl three perfect games in a row. But enough about her, this is about me… okay, she's giving me that 'I've just done something wrong' look, so I'll end it at that.

Alright, now that we've got the nicey nicey stuff out of the way, tell us who you are. Who are you, and why do we like you so darn much?
Well, when it comes down to it, I'm pretty much a 32-year-old kid. I love games, cartoons, comics, horror, kung-fu flicks, ninjas, pirates, and zombies. And as if that wasn't enough, I also love history, science, fantasy, monsters, conspiracies, and the paranormal! I've been known to have a very two-sided personality. The light side wants to be a hero that constantly saves the day, and the dark side wants to be the villain that destroys everything. And, as for why I'm so well-liked, well… that's beyond me! I guess I can be a bit funny at times, and I do relate to younger people and kids (again, seeing as I'm basically a kid myself).

We caught wind that you're something of a Juggalo! For all the folks out there that just don't understand, tell us a bit more about them, and why you're one yourself.
Hahaha, yeah, I can just hear Rev.Blacky saying "Great, here we go with this again!" But yeah, the word Juggalo was coined by ICP (Insane Clown Posse) to describe their fan base, similar to The Dead Heads with the Grateful Dead. Some people have this preconceived notion that we're a gang, but it's not like that at all. Really, it's more of a family, plain and simple. We're from all walks of life, rich and poor, from all religions, and all colors. Juggalos are a family, but if you want ICP's take on what a Juggalo is, listen to their song "What is a Juggalo", because there really is no singular definition. And I'm a Juggalo because I didn't have much of a family while I was growing up, so Juggalos were my family.

Aren't you also musically inclined?
Yes, very much so! I've been writing songs since I was in elementary school. I've been in bands since junior high, and actually started producing and recording in high school. I've been doing that ever since! Music is my life. It's a sort of therapy for me, just like shaman use music to heal the soul, so do I. Music is much more than a band with a dumb name, it can sway human emotion, heal, and even inspire me. It's real majik.

Care to share some of your tunes with us?
Oh, I'd love to! I'm working on a demo right now, but I do have a few songs on my MySpace since I don't have my own website up, but you can check them out right here. Give them a listen!

We've spoken about music for quite some time. Now it's time to talk about video games! What are your favorite ones of all-time?
My favorite games have always been the classics. So, first and foremost, is Mega Man. It was the very first game I ever played, and I'm a huge fan! I've played every Mega Man game since, and it's a game I go back to very often. (Same with Ninja Gaiden and Final Fantasy.) I'm also a big fan of survival horror, so Resident Evil and Clock Tower are high on the list. Tenchu and the Blood Omen series are a couple of other favorites. Pretty much anything with ninjas and zombies! I'm hoping someone will make a game about ninjas and zombies… hint hint! (I'm kidding, you can take that last part out! lol)

You've been a welcome addition to the Gotham City Impostors community! What drew you to us?
Thanks! It's an amazing community at that, but what actually drew me in was when I first caught the ad on my Xbox LIVE dashboard. Just seeing that brilliantly colored picture… it was love at first sight!

Any suggestions for folks that might want to join in and chat with us?
Yeah! Just come and check out the forums, there are lots of friendly folks here to meet and answer your questions. You just might have some fun!

What's your favorite thing about Gotham City Impostors?
Definitely the ninja loadout. There is nothing more satisfying for me than to sneak up behind someone and get that Assassin's Blade Stamp of Excellence!

Now, give us your answer to the age-old debate: Bats or Jokerz?
I'm going to have to go with both. I'm a huge Batman fan! They are both very awesome characters, so I don't think either of them ever really wins or loses. Joker always puts Batman in dire situations, Batman escapes, captures The Joker, puts him away, The Joker escapes. And then they begin the cycle over again.

We're going to give you the last word! Anything else we missed? This is your sounding board!
WHOOP WHOOP! And, MCL (much clown love) to all my family.

Whoop whoop, indeed, and thank you for your time Jason! Every moment spent with you was a magical one, and we'll gladly look forward to the future work of Hooded Monsters.

Until next time, we'll be keeping an eye on you! It doesn't matter if you're in our forums, chatting with us on Twitter, or just off doing your own thing - know that we here on the Impostors Community Team are ever vigilant, and will track you down if you're being awesome. (We swear, that was meant to sound endearing. Not threatening.)