Community Q&A #4


Our last Community Q&A thread was filled to the brim with questions from you, the curious members of our community. You asked us about everything from matchmaking, to cross-platform play, to how our developers handled making a new IP. We then took those questions over to the desk of the illustrious and handsome Lucas "Hammer" Myers, a Producer here at Monolith Productions, and asked him to field them as best as he possibly could. As it turns out, he can field questions extraordinarily well.

With that, we proudly welcome you to our latest round of Community Q&A! Hammer's wordsmithery coupled with your ability to ask some of the toughest questions the Internet has ever seen, made for the best session yet.

[Note: Questions may be edited for clarity.]
"Is matchmaking done with the assistance of dedicated servers, or is the game hosted using peer-to-peer connections? (With the person that has the strongest connection being the host.)"
Our matchmaking system utilizes both dedicated servers as well as peer-to-peer connections. Variety is the spice of life!

"Lucas, Nate, and Ron have shown us amazing gameplay so far, but they usually blast through the customization options really quickly (which is understandable, since they get right to the gameplay). However, how many different clothing options, weapon skins, and calling cards are there outside of those shown in the Customize Your Crazy videos?" -GundarTwinklefluffy
I can't go into specific numbers here, but the amount of different combinations you can play with is huge! We're talking, like, blue-whale-on-steroids huge.

"A majority of the games released recently are sequels and remakes. This seems to be one of the few new IPs coming out. Since you had to make everything from scratch, how long did the whole development process take?" -Brash_Attack
To answer that question accurately, I'd have to go look at a schedule, which runs contrary to my personal beliefs. But suffice to say that on any project, the majority of your time and effort go into engineering, content creation, and testing. Fleshing out the IP was comparatively simple, especially since DC Entertainment was assisting us.

"Besides the Motivator, are there any other ways to boost your team's health that will provide them with an advantage? Also, does every body type have the same amount of health?" -ThunderRun
Yes, there are other ways to boost your team's health. Be careful though, because there are even ways to inadvertently boost the enemy team's health!

As for the body types… the bigger they are, the more health they've got. And the more melee damage they do. And less their movement is affected by heavy weapons. But they do run slower… and are bigger targets. Ohh, the balancing!

"Will there be a single player mode?" -dinodude98
There is a Challenge mode which lets you practice using different mobility gadgets and weaponry in each of the maps. This is a great tool for players to learn all the cool new ways you can move around in Gotham City Impostors.

"Will players on all platforms (PC, PS3, and Xbox 360) be able to play against each other?" -Jordieeb
Isn't there some kind of age-old video game law that states, "Thou shalt not pit mouse-users against gamepad-users"?

"Will the final game have any new, totally original, game types? Or will we just be playing the standard team deathmatch, capture the flag, and free for all game modes?" -BBQ
Players will recognize the classic rules of TDM, but our other game modes have fun twists. Psych Warfare is our CTF variant where there are gameplay consequences for all players whenever one team scores. Fumigation is a Control Point variant that is totally tug-of-war based, so it's very possible for a team to make an epic comeback at the brink of defeat. Trust me, it happens a LOT more often than you might expect… which is pretty awesome, imo.

With that last bit of information straight from the Hammer's mouth, the latest Community Q&A has come to a close! If you're like us, it has left you wanting more. While you're sadly going to have to wait for a bit to ask your next set of questions, we're not going to stop you from hanging out with the people that the last batch originated from. Go forth! Prepare your opinions, and dive head first into our forums.

Until next time, keep your eyes on the sky! Or the ground. Or the skate ramps. We're actually pretty flexible.