Beta Boot Camp #1: The Camper


While the fine folks over at Eurogamer and GameSpot have dedicated themselves to handing out a high volume of beta keys for the most recent phase of Gotham City Impostors beta testing, we're taking it upon ourselves to prepare you for the unhinged action many of you are about to engage in.

So, it's our pleasure to introduce the first episode of our Beta Boot Camp! First up, it's the FPS faux pas that everyone loves to hate: The camper. How does one deal with this menacing maniac on the streets of Gotham? Well, let us show you! After all, while we're sure you've got your own grenade-ridden strategies, you're about to engage in a new type of combat that takes advantage of how well you can plant bullets into your opponents, and how effectively you can utilize that sweet, sweet vertical space.

Now that you've had some time with the beta, what are your thoughts? How do you deal with campers in Gotham City Impostors?