Decorate your desktop, Impostors style! Part deux!


Style is very important to us. And when we're not thinking of the next best way to sport a hand-knit cowl, or how to paint our faces to look like the J-man himself, we're considering how to make our electronics fit our feng shui better. And you know what? That got us thinking about yours, too. Sure, we've done our part with a wallpaper in the past, but that's not enough for us, or for you.

So it's our distinct pleasure to introduce the next official wallpaper for Gotham City Impostors! Previously, the star of the show was a lovely member of the Jokerz wielding an axe. This time around there's a deadly Bat, waiting to tear apart any heathens with a peppering of painful ball bearings.

[1024x768] [1280x1024] [1680x1050] [1920x1200] [iPhone]

So please, enjoy! Feel free to add this bad mamma jamma to your regular rotation of backgrounds, and don't hesitate to doll up your favorite iPhone with it as well. Until next time, why not do yourself a favor and hang out on our forums? You could very well end up choosing the next Gotham City Impostors wallpaper!