Community Q&A #3


If you've proven one thing to us time and time again, it's that you're a curious bunch. No matter how many details we proliferate out regarding Gotham City Impostors, you always want to know more. And, as it turns out, we're totally okay with that! We've got the handsome Lucas Myers on hand to answer all your questions, and he's been tapped once more to field this latest batch of inquires to the best of his magnificent abilities.

So go on, anxiously mill through the article below to see if your question was pulled from the latest Community Q&A thread! There were some hard-hitting ones this time around, and we wouldn't want you to miss out on this information straight from the Impostor's mouth.

[Note: Questions may be edited for clarity.]
"Will there be a solo deathmatch mode, or will all the modes have teams?" -superjdog12

Gotham City Impostors
is designed to be a team-based experience. For maximum enjoyment, as well as for your own safety, we encourage you to gear up and kill unconventionally with friends. If you do not have friends, Gotham City Impostors will provide state-appointed friends onto your team. Warning: state-appointed friends may not be friendly. But at least there's no friendly fire! Woot!

"Will some maps be limited to specific gametypes?" -crymzen
Nope! All maps, all game modes, all the time!

"Will there be any loadouts that one team will have access to that the other will not?" -no_skills
We want Gotham City Impostors to be a balanced, FUN experience for everybody. With that in mind, there are no loadout or gameplay advantages for either the Bats or the Jokerz. While we certainly have Bats/Jokerz-themed items (for example, Grapple Gun vs. Trap-in-the-Box), everybody gets to use everything. Once they unlock it, of course. ;)

"How did you guys really come up with the Glider Rig?" -superjdog12
Now, now. You wouldn't be calling us liars, would you? As a licensed historian, I can assure you that the narrative we have told you is 100% true, plus or minus 100 accuracy points. How does one define an accuracy point? I'm glad you asked! Unfortunately, you didn't ask in time for this particular Community Q&A, so my hands are tied. Sorry!

"Was everyone on the team a Batman fan prior to starting the game or were there a few who constantly grumbled, 'Damn nerds...' under their breath throughout development?" -Brash_Attack
What's there not to like? The Batman universe is awesome. And besides, we here at Monolith were lucky enough to explore our own insane take on the world of Gotham City. Not everybody gets to indulge in dredging up the crazy antics of the Impostors! Not only do we get to play with all the gadgets, but we get to infuse it with lethal weaponry as well... both conventional and unconventional!

Also... since when is 'nerds' a pejorative anymore these days? It's the age of the Internets, man! We're all nerds!

"In one preview of the game, the writer stated the game 'feels like a carbon copy' of Call of Duty that manages to add enough new features to change things up. What would you say in response to this statement?" -Argyle
What we’ve seen is that once players start to appreciate the true power and versatility of gadgets like the Glider Rig or Spring Boots, comparisons to other games tend to evaporate. It’s certainly fair to point out specific game mechanics or aspects of the user interface that are similar to other shooters, but the overall experience of playing Gotham City Impostors isn’t something you can get anywhere else. The combination of mobility, verticality, customizability, versatility, and Batman-ity is completely unprecedented. Booya!

"Will there be any special events or tournaments to play in?" -NinjaMortis
I can't really talk about this yet. But I'll blink once for yes, and twice for no. Oh, wait... Whenever I do this, I get stressed out and my eyes start to dry up really fast. This is going to be difficult... You know what? Just stop counting after the first blink. ;)

And, just like that, our third Community Q&A has come to a close. Did you get your questions answered? Did you learn something new? Either way, feel free to join us on our forums and let us know! (And, if you've got the chops, you should join us for our next Q&A session.)