This Week in Gotham - 11/18/2011


This week has been a big one! With a brand new video as well as a Community Spotlight, there's been a ton of great Impostors content, and we don't blame you if you haven't been able to keep up with everything. So, this is our chance to get you all caught up. Onward, to This Week in Gotham!

Sign-up for the open beta!
Our beta is coming in December! (Which, just a reminder, is next month.) Want to help us create chaos in the streets of Gotham? Then sign up, and do so right at this very moment. If you don't, we will think less of you. Alright, so that's not entirely true, but tough love is a requirement sometimes.

Silent but deadly
Our very own Lucas Myers is a pretty talented dude. He's got enough skills to pay the bills (and buy food as needed), and he's back again to show them off. This time he's putting his self-proclaimed "sneaky ninja" loadout on display, and you're not going to want to miss it. Pull up a chair, exercise ball, or other seat of choice, and get ready for some primetime action.

Community Spotlight #3
Gryn is something of a phenom. In a very short amount of time he's made some big waves here in the Impostors community, and we just had to direct our spotlight right onto his handsome visage. Want to learn more about him? Well, then read his spotlight right now!

Only the socialest medias will do
If we learn something, see something cool here in the office, or just want to hear your soothing voices, we go to our social media outlets. So, why not follow them so we can chit chat on a more regular basis? Our Facebook and Twitter pages are just the places to direct your attention, so we suggest you do so!

Thanks everyone for a great week! And, if you're not up to anything crazy this weekend, why not hang out on our forums? We're a friendly bunch, promise.