Community Spotlight #3


Gryn, in the past month or so, has made quite the name for himself here in the Impostors community. First, he started posting like a madman (the friendliest type, of course) in our forums, then he put together perhaps the most impressive Impostor costume we've ever seen in the Destructoid Impostors Costume Contest, and now he's here as the focus of our third Community Spotlight! Not bad for a (relative) newbie.

So, it's our pleasure to introduce you to Gryn! A man that's spending his time learning how to make video games on his own time, along with creating a Gotham City Impostors community site of his very own! Interesting? You bet he is. Read on!

Nice to meet you, Gryn! (Or should we say, Gillon.) Please, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm currently a college student, and I'm hoping to one day work in the gaming industry as a technical artist. When I'm not busy with school I'm either programming, working on 3D modeling, drawing, and of course, gaming.

Now that you've got all the personal stuff out of the way tell us, what are your all-time favorite games?
My all time favorite games would probably have to be Blood (who can resist playing kickball with zombie heads?), No One Lives Forever, Final Fantasy Tactics, Populous: The Beginning, and most recently? Gotham City Impostors!

On a side note, we heard that you still play No One Lives Forever multiplayer games to this day! Is that true? And if so, where can other enthusiasts join you?
Yes, it is true that I still play NOLF multiplayer! To my surprise the lobby backend is still alive and kicking. There are a hand full of dedicated servers that I drift around in. It's a smaller community these days, but in no way does it diminish the fun. If you've still got a copy of the game and can figure out a way to install all the content updates and patches then you should play a game or two with me!

Are you anything of a comic fan? If so, please - tell us of your fandom! If not, what vices do you like to spend your free time on?
I'm not as into comics these days as I used to be, but when I was a kid I was really into Oddville & Jetcat and Usagi Yojimbo. As far as vices go, I'm a sucker for Steam sales - I have over a hundred games on my Steam account... it's a bit of a sickness. I also really love British TV! Some of my favorite shows are Black Books, Green Wing, and Peep Show. If you're big on comedy, I suggest you check them out!

Word on the street is that you're working on your very own Impostors community site! How far along is it, and what can we expect to out of it?
I am indeed working on a Gotham City Impostors community site with a few other folks that share the same amount of enthusiasm for GCI. As it stands, the site is nearing completion, and will have current news regarding the game and the community surrounding it, an avatar creator for customizing your own bat or joker themed avatar, and upon release a loadout editor to help players explore different item combinations, and save or share their loadout configurations with others. We are still working hard on the site and the features, and if time permits we might start a bi-weekly podcast as well. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to be able to release it to everyone!

How did you first come across Gotham City Impostors?
I've been wondering what Monolith has been up to since they made an announcement about a secret project on their website about a year or so ago. I spotted the announcement for the game itself when I was watching E3 coverage, and since then have been dying for the chance to hop into the beta!

You've spent a fair amount of time conversing with the folks in our community! Would you, one day, like to join the ranks of Brash_Attack and Rev.Blacky to become a Very Important Impostor? (A high office, to be sure.)
Of course! I have a huge interest in GCI and its community, and would love to help out however I can.

What about Gotham City Impostors are you most excited about? Customization? Destroying foes in multiplayer? Go on, tell us!
For me, the most exciting feature is the prospect of being able to create versatile loadouts to counter and destroy the opposition no matter what they throw at you. The freedom of choice is a big point for me, especially that there is no real limits as far as class archetypes go.

How are you looking forward to playing Impostors? With your friends? Just dropping into random games? With members of our community?
I'm going to be playing GCI as much as I can, with friends, people who I might now know and of course other members of the community. I'll have two partners in crime - my beloved girlfriend and one of my close friends who is also working with me on the community site.

Thanks for all your time, Gillon! It's much appreciated, especially considering how many great British comedies you must spend your time watching. (Still, no mention of Red Dwarf? You should get on that.)

And if you found Gillon to be the next best thing to The Most Interesting Man in the World, why not give him a follow on Twitter? You can check him out right here: @pixelflux. (Also, go ahead and add him as a friend on the forums right here. Go on. Do it!)

Until next time, we'll be keeping an eye out for the next star of our community spotlight! Want to give us a suggestion of who you think it should be focused on? Then head over to our forums and let us know.