A new take on a new take


Gotham City Impostors, as you know it right at this very second, is an unhinged first-person shooter set in Gotham City. Regular Joes and Janes have been inspired to take up arms in the name of the Batman or the Joker with the goal of either upholding the sanctity of truth and justice in the city that they call home, or promoting chaos and tearing it down until not even a single brick is left standing.

And sure, while you can carefully bide your time before the game's release by reading this blog for all of the latest updates (that's what you're doing, right?), there's another way for you to get your fill of the Impostors phenomenon, and it comes in arguably the purest vehicle for storytelling: the comic book.

"You've got my attention. So, what are the basics of this mini-saga," you ask? Well, first and foremost, it ties into the Gotham City Impostors videogame created by Monolith Productions. (That's us!) In the comic, you'll see Batman attempting to get a grip on his very own unwelcome impersonators, as well as an extraordinarily troublesome Joker impostor who has distilled a non-lethal mixture of Joker toxin that, while not killing its victims, will still send those that inhale it into a primal rage. Worst of all, it's unleashed on a massive scale.

The series is penned by the legendary David Hine, a man that has been responsible for writing comic storylines dating all the way back to the early 1980's. (Not to mention his additional time spent penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, and even creating some cover art for other projects.)

Interested in checking out a copy for yourself? Well, you've got some options. First off, why not meander down to your local comic shop, spark up a friendly conversation or two, and check to see if they've got any copies of Batman: Impostors in stock? Or, if you're a member of the digital revolution, check out comiXology (along with the associated iOS or Android apps) and make sure to pull down Detective Comics 867, 868, 869, and 870 (which comprise the paperback).

So go forth! Enjoy this unique take on the Impostors universe. And once you've read them, why not discuss them with your fellow fans on our forums?