This Week in Gotham - 11/4/2011


Greetings, citizens of Gotham! Now that we're on the tail end of this week, we've got quite a few days' worth of awesome to catch up on. So, let's get started, shall we?

Destructoid costume contest winners announced!
Halloween (as well as the sweet sugary coma that it induced) is behind us, and so is the Impostors costume contest that we ran with Destructoid! If you entered to win, then there's a chance that you've just won an Impostors t-shirt, a copy of the game when it releases, and possibly even a console of your choice. Check out the winners, and all the entries, right here!

Beta, and all its latest details!
We've got a new beta test on the horizon! (With an official start date that has yet to be announced.) If you haven't signed-up yet, do so right now. And, if you want all the latest and greatest details, make sure to check out our blog post right here.

Community Spotlight #2
The honorable Rev.Blacky is a man that needs no introduction to those that choose to spend their free time on our forums. To the rest of you, he's the man that was most recently featured in our Community Spotlight! Want to hear about his globe-trotting adventures? Then check out the latest spotlight right here.

Customize Your Crazy, numero dos
If you've ever wondered exactly how a Producer on Gotham City Impostors chooses to play the game he helped make, then you're in luck! Our latest episode of Customize Your Crazy is available, and ready for you to consume. So, if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, do so right now!

Weekly peek behind the curtain
There are only three constants in life: Death, taxes, and a brand new Impostor being put up in our Meet The Impostors section every Wednesday! Since the first two are downers, why not check up on the third? We were feeling saucy this week, so we even posted two. See them right here, and check out the whole gallery here!

The latest and greatest information
You need to get the latest and greatest news in order to keep up with the times, and we're doing everything we can to make that happen. How? Why, with Facebook and Twitter of course! Check out our pages, and let us keep you up with the freshest news in the 'biz.

That's it for this edition of This Week in Gotham! We hope you had as great of a week as we did, and we'll see you all on Monday.