This Week in Gotham - 10/28/2011


With the clock ticking down to Halloween, there are only a few more days to get your Impostor costume all put together and submitted to the handsome ladies and gents over at Destructoid! What's that? You don't know about the Halloween costume contest we're running with them? Well, then read our weekly wrap-up to get all caught up on all of the latest news!

Customize Your Crazy, part deux!
In previous episodes of Customize Your Crazy, we had Associate Producer Lucas Myers and one of our animators, Daryl Affleck, show you how the Glider Rig was made, along with how to create your own loadout. Following in those footsteps, Producer Nate Edson puts together a loadout so powerful that… well, you're going to have to see for yourself. Sorry, we don't want to spoil it!

Costume contest
With Halloween right around the corner, chances are great that you're going to be working on a costume of your very own. (Or, if you thought ahead, you've already got it made.) Want to be rewarded for how Impostor-like your costume is? Well, then don't delay, enter Destructoid's Impostors Halloween Costume Contest today! The big winner will get an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3. Their choice! Details can be found here.

Community Q&A #2
If you've ever had any questions for the devs of Gotham City Impostors, then… well, you missed your most recent chance to ask them. But, we did just post the answers to our latest Community Q&A session right here! Find out what burning questions you had, and what our devs had to say.

Signed up for the beta yet?
If you've been living in, around, near, or under a rock for the past few weeks, there's a slight chance that you may not have heard that our open beta sign-ups have, well, opened. (But that's okay, we forgive you!) Go ahead and sign-up on this page right here, and we'll contact you when the time to destroy/defend Gotham arrives.

Decorate your desktop
Have you been looking for a way to spruce up your phone or computer's wallpaper? Then boy, do we have just the thing for you! We recently let our community members choose which Impostor they wanted to see as a desktop, and after a fierce couple weeks of voting, the winner was selected. Download the winning wallpaper today, and represent Impostors wherever you go!

Socializing with the social media(s)
Whatever it takes, we want to bring our news to you. And luckily for those of you that aren't always up to reading a blog, we've got both a Facebook and Twitter page that are up to date with all the latest happenings! Follow them today, and let us keep your brain on the bleeding edge of Impostors news.

Wow, quite the lengthy news week! Thanks for a great one, and we hope you have a great weekend. Remember to stock up on candy, you'll have plenty of young trick-or-treaters looking for sugary treats come Monday!