Community Q&A #2


Back when we had our first Community Q&A, we knew that the second one wouldn't be far behind. After all, arriving shortly after its release there would be a closed beta, an animated short, and a couple videos where we were able to show you some gameplay in a more intimate setting. And, if we've learned one thing, it's that the combined brainpower of the Impostors community isn't able to sit idly by as information is proliferated!

So, we're happily back with all the answers from our second Community Q&A thread! You asked your questions, we grabbed the best ones, and then Associate Producer Lucas Myers sat down with us once more to answer them to the best of his ability. (And believe us; he's got enough ability to go around.)

[Note: Questions may be edited for clarity.]
Will there be a web component that allows people to review their stats, view other players' stats, loadouts, and calling cards? -Gryn
A: Heck yes! We're committed to supporting our community, and the Gotham City Impostors website will definitely feature a stat tracking section for you to better compare and compete with your friends and foes.

Q: "There was a fun forum thread before about Easter eggs. Are there any planned Easter eggs in the game that maybe relate to the Batman or DC universe? Maybe a fun Easter egg from the community?" -Brash_Attack
A: Between the levels, loadout items, costume items, and everything else, there will definitely be lots of fun call-outs to the Batman universe. I'm not about to list them out to you though, because that spoils the fun of finding them on your own. Who am I to steal that potential glee from you? I'm not that heartless!

Q: "Will there be any post kill taunts that one can preform? Think back to SOCOM 2 for PS2. I can picture Clowns letting out hideous laughs, or Bats posing over their kills." -no_skills
A: Part of the loadout customization screen features Voice/Personalities. Both teams have unique voices, each with their own script to pull lines from. Various taunts will be shouted out depending on how you're killed. You'll hear one set of lines based on normal kills, headshots, dazed kills, and so on. Of course, the voices come up in many other aspects of the game as well, not just death-related scenarios. :)

Q: "Will there be another round of closed beta action? If so, will players from the first beta automatically get access at the next beta round?" -brak014
A: There most assuredly will be another round of beta testing! You may not have had a chance to give it a gander just yet, but we recently opened up the sign-up page for the next round of testing. (Which, for the record, can be found right here.) But, sadly, those that were in on the closed beta won't be automatically grandfathered into the next round. You'll have to sign-up once more, and roll the dice in the game of life!

Q: "When the dev team isn't working on/playing Gotham City Impostors, what are you guys playing?" -Brash_Attack
A: The team here has pretty diverse tastes. Chances are if you can name a game, you'll find someone here who has tried it out. As for myself, I am the undisputed Minesweeper champion. Now it's true that I haven't told anybody else this, so nobody has had a chance to dispute me… But I'm counting on my peers to not read this interview. YOU won't tell them, right? RIGHT?

For now, we must bid you adieu! The second Community Q&A has come to a close, and we're hopeful that you'll get a chance to join us for the next one. What's that? You want to know when the next one is? Well, stay tuned to our Twitter page and our forums to find out!