This Week in Gotham - 10/21/2011


We get it. You're a busy person! You don't always have the time to keep up with our blog, and because of that, you're here right now to make sure that you're getting the latest news. We're an understanding group of folks. So, why not let us help catch you up on all the latest happenings from the world of Impostors? Onwards, to the weekly wrap-up!

Sign-up for the Open Beta today!
The Open Beta sign-ups are finally here! If you were looking for your chance to join in on some early Impostors-related fun from your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, then now is your big chance. Make your way over to the beta sign-up page, enter all of your credentials, and let us do the rest. And no, there's no official start date on this round of beta testing yet, but once we get everything massaged out we'll let you know.

Decorate your desktop
It wasn't that long ago that we asked you which Impostor you'd like to see as your computer's wallpaper. And, after a fierce couple weeks of voting, a winner made their way to the top of the pile and is ready to decorate your computers and phones. Head on over here to download the appropriate files!

Community Spotlight
As the first member of our Community Spotlight series, Justin "Brash_Attack" McFarland has pledged that he will get the Impostors logo tattooed on his chest! Alright, so that's not entirely true, but we did get to chat with Mr. McFarland about quite a bit in our interview with him. Read the story right here to learn about his gaming habits, what he thinks of Impostors, and his road to becoming a VII. (You do know what a VII is, don't you?)

Weekly Impostor
Each week we dig through all the customization options that are available in Impostors, put together a custom loadout, and display it proudly in the Meet The Impostors section of our website. In fact, a new one goes up every Wednesday! Have you had a chance to check them out lately? The newest one is right here, and the whole gallery can be seen here.

Socializing with the social medias
Your brains are waiting. Hoping. Aching! They're just aching for the vast amounts of knowledge that can only be provided by a Facebook and/or Twitter feed. So, why not let us feed your need for the latest Impostors news by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook? We won't let you down.

And that's it for this crazy week! Next week is looking like it'll be a great one, mostly because you're all going to spend it working on your Impostors Halloween costumes. (Right?) And of course, congrats to our friends out at Rocksteady for the launch of a little game called Batman: Arkham City. Well done, friends!