This Week in Gotham – 10/14/2011


Now that the closed beta is behind us (and oh, what a good time it was!), we’ve had a chance to stand around, admire the pile of work now sitting on our laps, and take the occasional deep breath. And with those out of the way, it’s time to get moving with our weekly wrap-up!

Community Q&A #2!
The first Community Q&A session went off with a bang. (If you missed it, give it a read right here!) Now, if you weren’t able to get one of your questions answered, or you just thought of one that you’d like to send over to our devs, now’s your chance! Head on over to this thread on our forums with your brain set to “inquire,” and ask away. We’ll be closing it down soon in the interest of getting the best questions answered, so make it snappy!

The Glider Rig’s origin story
It’s not every day that one of our developers jumps off the roof of our building, but the creation of the Glider Rig called for some real-world testing… at least, in the mind of one man. That man is none other than our animator, Daryl Affleck, and his testing was part of what made the Glider Rig possible! Check out his efforts (along with some sweet, sweet gameplay footage) right here.

Just like Saturday morning!
Fond childhood memories vary from person to person, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Saturday morning cartoons were among some of the greatest things ever created. (A close second: that one time you actually got to eat ice cream for breakfast.) Let us take you back to that era with our first cartoon, featuring two neighbors in Gotham City! Their feud breaks several windows, an ankle, and our hearts if you don’t watch it. Check it out right here.

Seriously, how did they get so handsome?
If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, we’ve got an in-depth interview with the Art Director for Impostors, David Longo. Find out what it was like creating the concept in secret, collaborating with the legendary Jim Lee, and so much more! Give it a read right here.

The latest and greatest
Keeping you in the know is something that we pride ourselves on, and we make it a daily mission to seek out the latest and greatest information fit for public consumption. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest information, straight from our brains. We swear, we’re actually quite entertaining!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for another great one, and we’ll see you here again next week.