The Glider Rig’s Origin Story


Necessity is the mother of invention. With that essential piece of knowledge in mind, one of our most handsome animators, Daryl Affleck, came to the conclusion that he had to make his mark on the airspace that loomed over him during every waking moment. But, after he succumbed to what could be inaccurately described as “light frustration,” Daryl enlisted the help of the Impostors to make his dream a reality! (Even if it ended up being a very brief one.)

Picking up where our previous Customize Your Crazy video left off, the origins of the Glider Rig are fully revealed in our latest video, along with a massive dose of Glider Rig-themed gameplay to help you get an idea of just what the lost animators were working for! And if you want to watch our previous installment, you can do so right here. Enjoy!