This Week in Gotham – 9/23/2011


If you’re any kind of a fan of Impostors (and we know you are!), you're likely keen to the fact that we started sending out information to folks that were accepted into our closed beta test. To those of you that made it in, congratulations! To those of you that weren’t invited... well, better luck next time. Now, what say we move on with this week’s wrap-up? It’s been a great one, so there’s plenty to catch up on!

Community Q&A #1!
We want to know what you want to know. That’s why we went out on our forums, posted a thread, and asked exactly what questions you’d like the developers to answer! After only a few short days, you came out in droves to pose your questions, the best of which were walked right over to the development team. Want to find out how the Q&A session went? Check it all out right here!

"Rated T, for baby vomit"
Gotham City Impostors was recently awarded a “T for Teen” rating by the ESRB. And while that’s pretty neat, what the ESRB said to justify their rating is even better! Let’s just say two words stand out: baby vomit. Yes, you read that correctly. Want to know more about it? The Gaming Liberty were the first on the scene, so go check out their coverage!

The beta, she is here! (Almost.)
If you signed up for our closed beta back when the site launched, then now’s the time to start checking your inbox! We sent out information yesterday, and if you haven’t received anything then one of two things has happened. First, your invite got stuck in your spam filter, so go check it! Or second, you just didn’t get into the closed beta. To those of you that did get in, remember to check out our closed beta forums, and to adhere to the wonderful NDA you all agreed to so willingly!

Shooting gallery
Every Wednesday we take a different body type, a brand new loadout, and some Victoria’s Secret-esque poses (okay, that last part might not be all true), and put them on display for your brain muscle to digest. Want to check them all out, or you just want to know where to look each week? Then click on the “Meet the Impostors” section in the top-left corner of the webpage! (Or just click here. Boy, we sure do spoil you.)

Looking at us, looking at you
If there’s one thing we love, it’s keeping you in the know. So why not let us help you with that? Check out our forums, Facebook, and Twitter pages! They’re constantly being updated with the latest and greatest in Gotham City Impostors-related news tidbits.

We hope you enjoyed this week as much as we did! Now go out, have a great weekend, and start thinking of your Halloween costume. (It’s not too early to buy cowls or face paint, is it?)