Community Q&A #1


It wasn’t all that long ago that we came to you and asked for your feedback, regarding just what it was you wanted to know about Gotham City Impostors. After our solicitation you took to our forums, asking just about everything that came to your beautiful minds. And, now that we’ve had some time to mill through and select those questions that were deemed to be the very best, we’re back with answers straight from the developers.

So, without further delay, here are the very questions you and your kin asked, as well as their associated answers, fresh from the desk of Associate Producer, Lucas “Hammer” Myers.

Take it away, Hammer!

[Note: Questions may be edited for clarity.]
Q: Is there a backstory in Gotham City Impostors? Will we be subtly told why Batman and Joker are out of town? –xCoNs
A: Batman can’t be everywhere at all times. Gotham City has gone crazy and there are simply too many Impostors running amok for Batman to deal with them all personally. You’ve probably seen the trailer where the Impostors bide their time until Batman calls it a night. “Batman’s gone! It’s our turn to defend the city!” (Whether Batman likes it or not.)

Q: The FPS genre is something that is dominating the gaming market right now. In your guys' opinion, what sets Impostors apart from the others? –Brash_Attack
A: You mean, besides being a crazy take on the Batman universe and turning Gotham City on its head? Gosh, you people are never satisfied! Well, neither are we. That’s why we jam-packed this game with more customization than you would ever expect to see in a digitally released shooter. Remember, there are no limitations or restrictions on how you customize your loadouts. That means you can…

ONE! Customize how you kill with whatever assortment of weapons and support items you’ve unlocked.

TWO! Customize how you look by creating your own costume, including Cowls, Face Paint, Capes, Shirts, Gloves, Pants, Shoes, Emblems, and more.

THREE! Customize how you move, which is definitely the biggest difference between Impostors and other shooters. Between the Glider Rig, Grapple Gun, Spring Boots, Ninja Smoke Bomb, etc., players will get to explore some very cool ways to traverse multiplayer levels. And of course, learn how to utilize those skills to kill in fun new ways.

Q: Will there be other game types? Or will there just be team deathmatch and Psychological Warfare? –xCoNs
A: Heck yes. In fact, we’ve already announced Fumigation! Stay tuned to hear more. I’m not promising anything else. But I’m not not promising anything else either. If I say anymore on that subject, a PR person will shiv me. Then I wouldn’t be able to answer any more questions in the future. :(

Q: How many players will be allowed per team, or per map? –Rev.Blacky
A: The full game will feature 6v6 combat. A full server like that is going to be some serious chaos-meets-tactical fun. We’ve also balanced it so games with fewer players, like 4v4, will also be fully enjoyable experiences. We’re pretty considerate like that!

Q: What is the level cap in multiplayer online? –CactusClimber
A: It’s a big number. It’s more than a hundred. It’s more than hundreds. Yes, that’s plural! Let’s see, is there anything I can say about it? Hmm. Well, one of the rewards you earn for reaching the TOP TOP TOP level is so beamingly awesome that… oh wait, I can’t talk about that either. Sorry! I’m such a tease.

Q: Since all characters are customizable, what can we expect with voice acting? Do the lines just follow along with which head model you choose, or are the characters silent in-game? –Brash_Attack
A: I’m glad you asked! The voices/personalities you pick for your Impostor are indeed customizable! Like everything else in our game, there is nothing that limits you from pairing any voice with any loadout. There is a selection of different voices to choose from, each with their own lines and personality (such as Emo, Barbaric, Psycho, Heroic, etc). You will hear callouts from your character when you accomplish various actions in the game, and nearby players can hear you as well. And of course, everybody you kill will hear one of your many taunts. For added super-extra fun, you can even pitch any of the voices to be higher or lower than the default. That means if you want, you can take a female voice, pitch it way down, and put it on the Mighty body type. Or you could pitch it all the way up and put it on the Mighty body type. Or you can take a male voice, pitch it all the way down, and put it on the Nimble body type. I could keep going, but I think you get the gist!

Q: How far does customization go, in terms of weapons? (Attachments, colors, etc.) –CactusClimber
A: Besides being able to pair any two weapons up with each other, you can select from a suite of mods. You’ll see familiar options like scopes and silencers as well as some unusual, homebrew additions, like the body-odor sniffer. But what fun is a fully equipped weapon if it doesn’t look the part, right? I know, I know. Naturally we will have different Paint Jobs that you’ll unlock during play, ranging from military-style camouflage to zany options like Pink Cheetah.

Q: Can I customize face paint colors? For example, a white face with black lips, maybe a scary mime ninja? –Rev.Blacky
A: Because team recognition is important for fairness, color customization would have had to be so limited that it didn’t seem worth the effort to add to the game. But there are lots of Face Paint options to earn and unlock as you play. Our artists have made sure you’ll be able to choose from some really awesome selections, including some that should be right up your alley.

And that’s it for the very first edition of the Community Q&A! Thanks very much to everyone that asked their questions, and big thanks to Lucas Myers for his time. (It's greatly appreciated!) Expect another one in the near future, and in the mean time, why not chat us up on our forums?