This Week in Gotham – 9/16/2011


Welcome one, welcome all, to This Week in Gotham for September 16, 2011! The news is notably sparse this week but there was some additional press coverage, and some great tidbits of news that you may have missed from last week that are most assuredly worth your time. So, without further ado, let's get onto the weekly update!

Community Q&A time!
You’ve got questions about Gotham City Impostors, eh? Well, then this forum thread is just the place for you. Earlier this week we opened up our very first Community Q&A session, and we’ll be forwarding the best questions asked by our forum users over to the developers first thing next week. The thread closes down on this Monday, so ask all your questions while you can!

Monolith, conventions, and you
PAX, among other things, provides an excellent opportunity for us to go out and meet the fans that are looking forward to Impostors. (Additionally, plenty of opportunities for attendees to get hands-on time with it!) As we watched gamers from all around the country try their hands at our game, we noticed something about their interactions with the Fumigation mode that prompted us to make a fundamental change in it. Wondering what it is? Find out right here.

New press coverage!
We know, we know. We've already done a press round-up of all the Impostors related coverage from the post-PAX era. But some of it missed our initial sweep! Check out this great coverage from Front Towards Gamer, GotGame, PlayStationLifeStyle.net, and Machinima.com! Really, it's a great read on a cold evening next to the fireplace. Or in front of the computer. Hey, we're not picky!

Keeping current
We like to chat with you one to one. That’s why we spend so much time fiddling around on our forums (which can be found right here on the site), as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages! Join us on one (or all!) of them, won’t you?

That’s it for this week! Now that it’s starting to get cold outside, it’s a perfect time to stay inside, where it’s warm and filled with video games. (That’s where we’ll be!)