PAX 2011: The official wrap-up


Much to the chagrin of cosplayers, convention goers, and Seattle out-of-towners from all around the gaming world, PAX 2011 has come to a close. While for many this brings a welcome chance to rest one’s feet, the rest of us have been doing nothing but reminisce about the good times brought by days past. So, equip your strongest pair of nostalgia boots, because we’re about to take a stroll down memory lane.

First things first, time to share all the happenings from our Friday night party! We did have a notably long line of folks hoping to get in on the good times, and we were able to fit just about everyone into the neon wonderland that is Gameworks. Inside they found our developers waiting to chat, and a 4v4 Impostors setup so that they could play as much of the game as they could handle. Good times were had by all, and glider techniques were perfected by many.

As the weekend rolled on we had a veritable pantheon of impostors come through, try their hands at the game, and hopefully even learn a thing or two! We had Scarecrow (evidently on a break from his time at Arkham) come by and grapple hook with the very best of them.

There was even an entire crew of Robins there, to show the world exactly what kind of help ‘ol Bats truly needs.

The Riddler (standing next to a Bat) came through to see just what those foolish Jokerz were up to.

And on Sunday from 12pm-4pm we held a tournament, where everyone was able to challenge our all-star cast of developers at their very own game.

As the hours, minutes and seconds dwindled down it became increasingly clear that our developers would be handing out slices of humble pie to every single challenger. The average lifespan for a challenging team was a whopping two minutes, and only one team was able to last longer than five minutes. So, after the dust had settled, the Xbox 360s that we offered to any team capable of fulfilling our challenge were raffled off to the pool of players that participated in the tournament. Suffice to say, we had plenty of happy winners in the crowd.

And now, as we return to our office and start a normal work week, we can sit and stuff our faces with pizza as we continue to work on Gotham City Impostors.

Keep your eyes peeled for our press round-up later in the week!