Fare thee well, Gamescom 2011


Much like an impostor wielding a grappling hook, Gamescom has come and gone in what now feels like the blink of an eye. (That is, despite it actually being a four-day extravaganza of all things gaming that drew so many patrons that the Cologne Exhibition Centre actually had to close its doors due to the convention center filling to capacity.) But, through the heat, apparent lack of air conditioning, and sheer volume of people there, you came out in droves to get hands-on time with Gotham City Impostors and our newly revealed Fumigation mode!

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s what several press outlets that got hands-on time with it had to say:

Game Informer: “…let me tell you, it’s awesome to be able to teabag a fat guy dressed as Batman on the very spot where a young Bruce Wayne saw his parents shot dead.

• Destructoid

• GamerLive.TV: “While most of the attention has been focused on Batman: Arkham City, there’s another game coming from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment that’s sure to satisfy fans...

G4: “…Monolith’s latest will be all about the imagination and wry humor of No One Lives Forever.

EL33TONLINE: “Gotham City Impostors is a really fun, co-operative and competitive online shooter. Expect to have a lot of fun as an amateur vigilante or villain when the game arrives next year.

To those of you that came out to see the game yourself, thank you. Our line was consistently filled to capacity, so it was our pleasure to bring in as many of you as we possibly could. All the way down to the closing hours you were lined up, and we can’t thank you enough. Some of you even came by to play it every single day!

There was even a savvy group that brought chairs, just for this occasion.

And, we even had a few unlikely visitors! Here’s Batman himself. (Or, so he told us.)

And Mr. J even took some time out of his busy schedule to drop by and kill those nasty Bats!

So, that’s it for this year, Gamescom. Thank you, everyone, for coming out and saying hello! We appreciate the hospitality, and the vigorous paper tearing employed by most of the guests.